Six Trees Capital LLC invests in technology that helps make our financial system better.  

Our flagship service, Max, helps individual investors earn substantially more on the cash portion of their portfolios by harnessing the efficiencies of online banking. Max also helps financial advisors deliver a more compelling cash management solution to their clients, delivering higher yield and greater FDIC insurance coverage while bringing more cash into view, facilitating more holistic asset allocation discussions.



Based in New York City, Six Trees Capital LLC is managed by Gary E. Zimmerman, a former investment banker who was inspired by the financial crisis to create a system that could help investors keep their cash safe while earning superior returns.  Mr. Zimmerman takes counsel from a strategic advisory board of leading academics, investors, lawyers and experts in the fields of privacy and security.

Six Trees Capital LLC is privately held by its founder and a group of sophisticated high-net-worth individuals who share a common vision for innovation in the financial services sector. These include the former CEO, COO and CTO of some of the world's largest banks, general partners and investment professionals at leading private equity firms, hedge funds and venture capital firms, partners at leading law firms, experienced technology entrepreneurs, and family offices.


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